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 Meeting at Elim is launching a campaign to raise $2000 USD for the Senior Center in Monrovia, Liberia. The Center is used to care for the elders living within the community.

During my last visit to Liberia, I saw that the Senior Center is in horrible conditions. Despite its crumbling infrastructure, the elders living in the community rely on the Center for food and other resources. The thousand dollars that we raise will be used to fix the flooring in the kitchen & dining room and purchase chairs for our senior citizens to sit on while eating.

We have a long way to go, in order to get the Senior Center where it needs to be, but your donation will help us quickly resolve these smaller issues. I am collaborating with Senior Center Director and we would like to begin fixing the floors as soon as possible and purchase the chairs. My goal is to reach $2000 USD. Let’s join hands and make this happen!

You can make donations here or visit our GoFundMe page.

God Bless.

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