Meeting At Elim is a place of calm, where we go to meet the Lord to give praise and worship God. It is where we seek wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and spiritual strength. There is no specific time to meet the Lord, He is always available.

A Statement of my Faith; Why MAE was started

Pastor Veronica Lewis

Pastor Veronica A. Lewis

Like most people, my life was filled with anger, heartaches, emptiness… and I was faced with incredible spiritual challenges. I searched the Scriptures, read, fasted, prayed and I asked God to show me what to do. After my 21-day fast, God blessed me with the revelation of Elim. I had patterned my soul-searching after Queen Esther, of ancient Israel, for this breakthrough, drinking from the springs of Living Water God had provided to quench my thirsty soul. At Elim (which means Large Trees), I found the peace that passes all understanding and drew strength from the palm trees standing by the springs. Just as my desire to serve God was while growing up in the church, so is my desire now.

God will make it possible for our lives to have significance at every challenge. With God’s strength behind you and His arms around you, you can face whatever lies before you. So let us all meet at Elim, a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of life, for daily wisdom and strength. I pray that this ministry will be a blessing to those who are seeking God’s peace as it has been for me. Daily Blessings… Amen.

Pastor Lewis grew up going to church and heavily involved in youth activities. She has always been drawn to human services, her area of studies, which eventually directed her steps to the pulpit. Pastor Lewis became an ordained minister in 2014.

A dedicated servant of God, her desire is to preach the Word with compassion, love, and grace. Pastor Lewis sees her work as a God-given opportunity to be used to reveal the powerful meaning of His love and inspiration. At the heart of her ministry is her passion for needy families. On a more personal note, her ministries exist for the purpose of motivating God’s people when faced with life challenges. She is the founder of PJs & Blanket Project, a foundation that offers mothers new pajamas and blankets for children (infants to pre-teens) admitted to public hospitals in developing countries and serves on the Advisory Board of Directors for the Mary Martha Education Foundation. Pastor Lewis is an active participant in her community, working with other community organizations to make a positive difference; Minnesota Acts Now, Protect Minnesota, the Organization of Liberian Women in Minnesota, and Heritage of Jacob. To God be the glory for all He is doing!



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